Acrylic on Board 48” x 96”

Commissioned by Bristol Friends of the Arts

For Artists’ Alley

Bristol, VT 05443



The Country and Abroad,  May 2007.

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Framed Giclee Canvas Print 12 X 24 $195.00


Framed Giclee Canvas Print 18 X 36 $300.00


Artists' Alley Way Opening Speech


First, I would like to thank, in alphabetical order,

Art On Main and

Bristol Friends of the Arts

for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the mural project.  

and all of you who are here today in support of the arts community.


I was very excited and honored to be selected as one of five artists to do a landscape on the "the spirit of Vermont" theme.


I love the Vermont landscape, especially Addison County.  

It reminds me of my home town growing up in the Eastern Townships.


My mural is about place

It's about knowing the place we live in

It's about a place and way of life which is slowly disappearing

It's about the Vermont image we use to entice people to visit

It's about a landscape I hope can be preserved

It's about the Vermont we should explore and nurture


In your travels through Vermont in the fall if the spirit moves you to search for that special place  

where trees are aflame with colors

the cows lie together under their favorite tree

where deer stop for a cool drink in the brook

or to eat apples from the farmer=s orchard

where chipmunks prepare for winter

and monarch butterflies gather the last nectar from the milkweeds

may I simply suggest

that you take  the road down a ways and to the left

keep your eyes open  - who knows what else you may discover?

Enjoy the journey


Colette Paul, 6.19.04


Down the Road a Ways and to the Left


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